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A Message from Agel CEO and Co-Founder, Mr Glen Jensen

http:agelworkathome.blogspot.com http:ageltrabajoencasa.blogspot.com http:agelworkathome.blogspot.com http:ageltrabajoencasa.blogspot.com Randy Gage and Eric Worre partnered with Agel Enterprises introduce an educational value-based MLM prospecting system which is teaching people about cashflow with 'Agel Cashflow Classes' Where most MLM companies and teams are still busy pitching their business opportunity to the masses or figuring out how to build the business online, Randy Gage and Eric Worre of Agel Enterprises have taken the best of both of these concepts to create a new educational system which is teaching prospects about cash flow with both on and offline cashflow tools. Randy Gage a Network Marketing leader and prosperity guru, famous for his MLM training systems has used his experience to create business tools with an educational foundation using the Rich Dad, Kiyosaki concept of creating cashflow. With a focus on introducing more people to the Network Marketing model and expanding the Randy Gage Team at Agel Enterprises the team has recently released a complete MLM system comprised of two education dvds and a cashflow worksheet which are available both as hard copies for cashflow classes, and online for virtual cashflow classes. As Agel expands globally into over 50 countries it is essential in this new economy not only to introduce people to a business model that may be completely new to them but to also educate them as to why this business model is effective. Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad books have done amazing things for the financial wellness and education of individuals looking to create their own cashflow. Agel offers a very real way to get started in a business that gives you the possibility to generate 9 streams of cashflow with a very low start up and overhead. When you join the Randy Gage Team at Agel you also receive specialized coaching and mentoring on how to use the new cashflow system to create your own cashflow and residual income. Reading a Kiyosaki or Rich Dad book is very inspiring but people need to first create a business to provide them profits so they can move forward to invest in real estate. Without a viable business model to do that people are often faced with continuing to rely on their job and their employer's good will. In this new economy the reality is that all employees have a target on their back and even the most traditional minded are now researching ways to build their own financial security. Robert Kiyosaki has long since enthusiastically recommended Network Marketing in his books, especially in 'The Business School, for those who like helping people.' Cashflow is still king at the time of writing, and as many are saying 'Safe is the new Risky,' so it is time to move forward and create new riches for the next generation. Network Marketing provides a viable and lucrative vehicle for many to get started as entrepreneurs and learn the basics of creating cashflow without a job. Could partnering with Agel and the Randy Gage Team be the perfect solution for you to start your own business with a low start up investment, and full mentoring? http:agelworkathome.blogspot.com http:ageltrabajoencasa.blogspot.com

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23 December 2010
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