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hnokky ( Age: 29 )
hnokky Picture
MSN (deactivate)
Hello all, I need a new friend for practicing English, Open for all, come to chat with me!! I think that good idea that I 'm looking for someone who are foreigner. We can change culture,idea. please contact me /hnokky

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
hnokky Femail Single
Hits: 890
2010-12-25 20:22:29
kung ( Age: 28 )
kung Picture
MSN (deactivate)
Hi nice to meet everybody For good friend

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
kung Femail Single
Hits: 1229
2010-12-25 11:42:01
aom ( Age: 23 )
aom Picture
MSN (deactivate)
I want frind

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
aom Femail Single
Hits: 976
2010-12-22 14:39:34
Me' ( Age: 17 )
Me' Picture
MSN (deactivate)
Hi, Me' or May is my name. I just wanna to talk to exchange language and to find friends but English language and Japanese I'm very bad.Who want to talk to me a little tired of your mind 555. Oh!! I'm not pretty and cute. Anyway contact me at characteristics_of_may@hotmail.com (overlong lol). Help me please !! I waiting for you ^^

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
Me' Femail Single
Hits: 1161
2010-12-21 22:55:01
mouse ( Age: 21 )
mouse Picture
MSN (deactivate)
Hello, My name is Mouse. Now! I live in Thailand. And I'm a Thai people. I want to find friends talk in.. To practice their own English language a lot because I hardly speak no English at all. But have little say in.. Please anyone with the kind Thank you ^ ^. Who want to have a Thai boyfriend was in. You can add my e-mail to play_stationboy@hotmail.com.

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
mouse Man
Hits: 1419
2010-12-20 23:07:01
Roberto ( Age: 43 )
Roberto Picture
MSN (deactivate)
I want to meet with differnt cultures people all over the world...I planed to trip bangkok...and manila at february....I hope can find nice people and make good friendship

Turkey MSN (deactivate)
Roberto Man
Hits: 1388
2010-12-20 14:17:16
Maxx ( Age: 17 )
7jBPAk839092_02.jpg Picture Facebook
Yo! I'm Maxx. nice to meet u :) http://facebook.com/maxz.158

Thailand Facebook
Maxx Man
Hits: 4946
2010-12-20 02:18:41
pol ( Age: 21 )
pol Picture
MSN (deactivate)
I am looking for friends Kun nice guy good.

United States MSN (deactivate)
pol Man
Hits: 1238
2010-12-19 08:53:46
chocovanilla ( Age: 17 )
chocovanilla Picture
MSN (deactivate)
Nice to meet you.

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
chocovanilla Man
Hits: 1155
2010-12-18 10:06:47
เธ‚เธธเธ™ ( Age: 39 )
เธ‚เธธเธ™ Picture
MSN (deactivate)

Australia MSN (deactivate)
เธ‚เธธเธ™ Man
Hits: 1239
2010-12-17 21:31:40
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